Investment research

Investment research

Cap-Inves provides investment research in the private market sector.

Since the financial crisis, the banks’ contributions to the real economy have fallen sharply due to new Capital Requirements Directive IV under Basel III, which has shrunk their loan books. This has pushed new ventures and existing firms to seek financing outside the traditional financial system. Such financing system enables firms to operate efficiently and to keep their competitive edge.

On the investment side, investors are moving towards the private debt investments due to their accrued diversification compared other asset classes: bond-like volatility, equity-like returns which provide a reliable revenue stream. These characteristics have made these instruments very attractive.

There are appealing investment research solutions within the private market on which Cap-Inves currently focuses:

Factoring receivables:
The term “factoring” refers to the outright purchase of accounts receivable at a discount from their face value, providing businesses with quick working capital. Such investments are typically collateralized by the end beneficiary.