Our Founder

Dr. Marc Pépin

Founder and CEO – Dr. Marc Pépin


Seasoned investment strategist Dr. Marc Pépin has over 30 years of experience in international investment. Dr. Pépin provides innovative investment analysis which offer high-yielding results with lowered overall risk. His approach focuses on improved portfolio diversification.

As founder and CEO of Cap-Inves, Dr. Pépin was the driving force behind a research network for qualified investors internationally. In 2015, his analysis resulted in the obtention of the “Best Investment Products” award from Wealth & Finance International Magazine.

Decades of Active Experience

Based in Switzerland, Dr. Marc Pépin has extensive global experience. He was Vice President at JP Morgan & Co. in New York and London, responsible for managing investments and asset allocation. He also served as the CEO of Real Value Management, implementing Yield Enhancement strategies that propelled the company into achieving a place in Bloomberg’s top 2% fund universe.

In earlier years, Dr. Pépin worked as Senior Portfolio Manager for LGT Capital Management and other Swiss organizations. In this role, he worked closely with decision-makers and investment managers, helping companies achieve measurable performance growth.

Throughout his career, Dr. Pépin has maintained strategic relationships in the global investment industry, bolstering quality research and client satisfaction.

Education and Personal Life

In 1986, while Dr. Marc Pépin attended Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal in Canada, where he studied engineering. Previously, he achieved first place for academic results at the collegiate level. Dr. Pépin was later awarded a scholarship from the National Resource Council of Canada and continued his education in the United Kingdom. In the UK, he earned an MBA in Finance from Imperial College in London. Dr. Pépin furthered his education in the United States, where he achieved a Ph.D. in Finance and Economics.

Dr. Pépin is a member of CAIA and AIMR. He is fluent in French, English, German, Italian, and Spanish. Based in Geneva, Dr. Pépin is married and has two children. Away from the world of investment, he is an avid sports fan and philanthropist and sponsors an ice hockey league for disadvantaged children, among other sports and health-oriented sponsorships.